Sunday School


‘The Sunbeams’ is the name for the Sunday School for Butterwick, Freiston and Leverton churches.

We encourage children to attend between the ages of 4 years and 11 years old.  (We are not too strict with this)

The aim of ‘The Sunbeams’ is to educate children in the Christian way of life and to encourage them to attend church and to take part in the services.  We hope that the church will make the services interesting for our children to attend.  There will also be other activities to do outside the church building, for example, activity days, meeting other Sunday Schools, parties etc.

At the meetings, the children read a story, learn about that story and do different activities like making things or colouring in pictures.  Sometimes they play games that are related to the topic of that Sunday.

All sessions are held at Butterwick Church on the fourth Sunday of the month at the service time.  An adult is expected to stay at the service whilst the child takes part in the supervised session.

‘The Sunbeams’ started in January 2005 and has grown steadily in numbers since that date.

At the moment the leader of ‘The Sunbeams’ is Ann Quickfall, and her deputy is Janice Elley.  They are assisted by Sue Weatherby, Beryl Westland and Chrissie Elley.

For further information please ring Ann on 01205 760733 or Julie Walmsley on 01205 352492.

Compiled by Julie Walmsley
March 2008