Welcome to the Friskney Parish Council website.

Friskney Parish Council has 10 seats and our current Parish Councillors are: -

Chair - Maxine Hill
Vice Chair - Kevin Smith
Parish Councillors - Emma Green, Peter Holland, Stephan Holt, David Patrick, David Reeves and Richard Scott.  There are currently two vacancies for the position of Parish Councillor.

Parish Councillors are elected by vote every 4 years and if a seat becomes vacant during that time, a voting process is organised by East Lindsey District Council.  If no more than one nomination is put forward that person may be co-opted by the Parish Council.  Any person who has been on the Friskney Register of Electors for over 2 years and is over 18 years of age may apply for a seat on the Parish Council.  This is an entirely voluntary position, but travelling expenses to attend training sessions is reimbursed.  The Parish Council pay an annual training subscription to the Lincolnshire Association for Local Councils and therefore no fees are incurred, however if the training is given by a government organisation a charge may be made.

The main roles of the Parish Council are: -

- to ensure the village is aware of what Lincolnshire County Council and East Lindsey District Council are undertaking and any impact there may be to the village;

- to listen to ideas and suggestions from Parishioners, in particular they would like the younger members of the village to have more interaction on decision making;

- the maintenance of the children’s play area, skate park, playing field, village hall car park, cemetery and churchyard.  Contractors are appointed to inspect and report on the public footpaths, maintain our churchyard and cemetery and carry out pest control.  We also employ a Litter Warden who works a specified route within the centre of the village;

- managing several allotments on Fodderdyke Bank and Fen Road which are let by the Parish Council to village residents;

- working closely with Lincolnshire County Council to keep public footpaths maintained;

- reporting and ensuring that repairs to street lights, street name plates, road signs, pot holes and our highways are carried out along with reporting fly tipping and other anti-social activity.

The Parish Council also employs the services of a Parish Clerk for 12 hours a week.

As well as an annual Precept, the Parish Council also receive an income from allotment rent and cemetery fees.