Meetings, Minutes & Agendas

The full Parish Council meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, except for August and December, in the Village Hall (Committee Room) from 7:30pm.

Our District and County Councillors usually attend along with a representative from the Neighbourhood Policing Team.  A report is received from the Footpath Co-ordinator and the Village Hall Committee also provide regular updates.

An Agenda for the full Parish Council meetings will normally be available 3 days before the meeting.  In addition to these meetings, there are various Committees which concentrate on specific areas of the Parish Council’s responsibilities. 

The Finance Committee meets three times a year and a report given at the next full Parish Council meeting.  All planning applications are dealt with by the Planning Committee via email due to the time constraints of responding to applications.  These are also discussed at each full Parish Council meeting.

The remaining Committees cover Allotments, Consecrated Grounds and the Play Area and Pond.  These all meet as and when required.

Approved minutes, financial documents and other matters associated with the operation of the Parish Council will be made available to the public via this website.

Please note that historic files will be removed periodically during website maintenance.  If a document you require is no longer available online, copies can be requested via the Parish Clerk (a small fee may be charged).