Committees and Working Parties

Management and Finance Committee

Chairman: Cllr Key

Cllrs; Clarke, Craig, T Davies, Dobbie, Key, Loates, A Perraton-Williams

Community Services Committee

Chairman: Cllr Panter

Cllrs; Clews, C Davies,  Isherwood, Panter, C Perraton-Williams

Planning and Development Committee

Chairman: Cllr Coward

Cllrs; Dobbie, Hopper, Panter, Woolley

Personnel Committee

Chairman: Cllr Woolley

Cllrs; Craig, Dobbie, Key, Loates, Woolley

Allotments Sub-Committee

Chairman: Cllr

Cllrs; Clarke, Dobbie, C Perraton-Williams

Health and Safety Working Group

Chairman: Cllr

Cllrs; Craig, T Davies, Key, Woolley

Town Plan Working Group

Chairman: Cllr

Cllrs; Craig, Dobbie, Panter, A Perraton-Williams


The Mayor (Councillor Matthew Boles) and Leader (Councillor Barry Coward)  are ex-officio Members on all Council Committees