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Gedney Dyke Village Play Area    1st October 2016

Dear Parishioner

There has been a great deal of debate, and indeed, some considerable acrimony and controversy in recent months over the proposed play area on the Village Green, and the Parish Council would take this opportunity to clarify the facts for the record.


The Council was approached about the possibility of providing play equipment for younger children within the community and having established demand and that the project might be financed by grant funding and then consulted the parish to obtain further feedback. 


These consultations had mixed results – with the Council receiving many letters, e-mails and petitions (majority in favour) and a show of hands at a public meeting (majority against).  However, the Council would like to point out that all consultation outcomes were advisory only and not binding on the Council to pursue a certain course of action.


The first site that was identified for siting the play equipment (a small fenced off area consisting of 3 pieces of equipment made from wood to blend with the surroundings, and for the use for 3 –10year olds only) was on the Village Green. The Council carried out risk assessments of the proposed site, and consulted at length with the Police, the District Council and other agencies on the suitability of the site for this purpose.


However, in the interests of trying to satisfy all Villagers -- those wanting a play area in the village, and those objecting to one on the Village Green - the Council agreed to investigate the possibility of an alternative site which might be acquired instead.


All other possibilities proved either unsuitable or unavailable.  To this end, when the Village Hall Committee then offered to lease a piece of land in their car park for the purpose, the Council was only too pleased to accept, and offered to cover the legal costs of this transaction to facilitate the transfer as soon as possible.


This procedure started in April 2016, but was subject to time constraints from the beginning, due to the project needing to be completed by 31st December 2016 in order to retain the offer of grant funding.


Both parties were aware of this from the start, but due to unforeseen complications, such as the land not being registered with the Land Registry and additional conditions then being imposed by the Charity Commission, the delays have proved insurmountable.  It was with great disappointment that the Council had to call a halt to this option as it would not be completed in time, legal costs were increasing, and the funding for the project would be lost.


The Council was then left with two options - to cancel the play area project completely, which could incur financial losses from legal fees and the loss of the proffered grant funding, or to return to its original proposed location - the Village Green - which is in the ownership of the Parish Council, has all the necessary risk assessments and permissions from the local authorities in place and can legally be used for installation of such equipment.


In summary, the Council has after much work, investigation, and consideration of all options, resolved to return to its original proposal of using the Village Green for installation of the play area and hopes that most of the residents will support this measure, appreciating the intent to provide facilities for younger members of the community who otherwise have to travel elsewhere for such play opportunities.


Kind regards

Gedney Parish Council


Gedney Parish Council



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