Windcluster Fund

Information on the Trust Fund. Application Form / Explanatory notes

Gedney Marsh Windcluster  Fund


  1. About the Fund


1.1            The fund has been established to distribute money paid by the owner/operator (Fenland Windfarms Ltd [FW]) of the windcluster at Gedney Marsh, Holbeach for the purpose of providing funding to assist local projects in the vicinity of the windcluster.

1.2            Payments will be paid to Gedney Parish Council (into a bank account set up specifically for the operation of the fund) annually by FW for as long as the windcluster is commercially operated which is expected to be about 25 years, starting in 2007.


  1. Allocation of Funds


2.1       Funds will be provided to groups (rather than individuals) that have    projects that conserve or improve the local environment.

2.2            In the determining applications, preference will be given to             

            the following criteria:

      a) Projects within the Parish of Gedney             

                  b) Projects within a 31/2 mile radius of Red House Wind Farm Dawsmere

                  c) Projects with the most significant contribution to improving the local    



2.3            Funds allocated by the Fund shall not be used to offset expenditure that is a statutory duty of local government or government departments or

      expenditures by  large land owners


  1. How to make an application


3.1       Applicants for funds will be required to complete an application form and           to include as much detail as possible to enable their application to be                     

considered by the Trustees. Applicants will need to show how their   project meets the objective of the fund, as failure to do so will mean their application is rejected. You should give details of the amount of money sought from the Fund and the allocation of funding from your own resources to the project (minimum amount 10% of projects cost). You will need to attach a copy of your most recent accounts with your application or if a new organisation your bank details and a copy of a recent statement.

3.2            Details should be given of all other organisations to which you have   

applied for funding, the anticipated date when the application will be considered and the amount of funding for which you have applied. Partnership projects will be particularly welcome, although care should be taken that only one of the partners applies for funding. Priority will normally be given in award of funding to those projects, which attracted financial support from elsewhere, particularly from applicant’s own fund raising efforts.  




3.3            Funding will not normally be made available for revenue expenditure

e.g. Payment of salaries or energy charges or use of premises nor for the general repair and maintenance of buildings, although exceptions may be made for projects that can be shown to have community benefit.


  1. How much funding can be sought


4.1            The maximum sum available for distribution annually by the Fund will be £20000 although if the total fund is not allocated in one year, the balance will be carried forward to the following year. The Fund has not set a maximum limit on the size of any funding that may

be awarded to a specific project, but will wish to assist as many organisations as possible within the resources available to them. Normally the Trust will not make a grant of more than £5000 and a second grant will not be made to the same or a similar project put forward by an organisation that has already been supported.


     5.    When decisions will be made


5.1        The Fund has the opportunity to allocate funds twice a year                                    (depending on availability). Funding is by way of a grant.

     5.2        Canvassing of the Trustees should not take place.

     5.3        Grants will be paid to the successful applicants on the supply to the

                  Fund of an invoice or receipt for payment made in connection with the   


     5.4        Projects that are supported will be expected to acknowledge that they have

been assisted financially by the Fund (and possibly by the   owners of the windcluster) in some tangible way, for example by displaying a small plaque in an appropriate location or by including a reference in any publicity material relating to the project.


      6.   Submission of applications


6.1            Closing dates for applications are May 20th & November 20th


6.2            Once completed, applications should be submitted to the fund    

administrator by  post to:


Mrs J Ripley


231 Broadgate

Sutton St Edmund


Lincolnshire PE12 0LT



Enquiries: email marked Trust Fund