Queen Mother Memorial Park Nature Reserve

Latest News

Since the Parish meeting in March much has been happening behind the scene at the Nature Reserve following your input and requests at the meeting.

The option of selling the Nature reserve was looked into in order to fund the purchase of land for a play area closer to the Village, this proved to be a non-started with the amount of negative feedback the Council received on the subject.

So the relaunch and face lift of the Nature Reserve became the next priority.

A walk way for all has been installed around the existing open three sides of the meadow with plans to extend this to run all the way around the meadow during next year.

Tree preservation orders have been issued on 90% of the trees on the land to guarantee their future.

Stage one of trimming these trees was completed this year with stage two budgeted for in 2016.

Professional advice has been sought on the meadow. At present it is a wild life meadow with many species of plants, animals and birds now making it their home.

If this is to be changed to a wild flower meadow as discussed at the Parish meeting the following plan will need to be put in place:

In spring 2016 sow Yellow Rattle in high quantities over areas that wild flowers are to be grown, this is to strangle and kill the strong healthy grass that is strangling the flower seeds and stopping their growth. The Yellow Rattle will be £700.00 to supply and sow.

When this has done its job for a season it would be time to choose and sow the new meadow flowers in spring 2017, these vary in price from £150 to £700.00 per kilo.

Alternatively the wild life meadow that exists and is thriving can be left to continue its successful growth.

This is the next decision for the Parish to make and we hope you will let the Council know what you would prefer to be done.