Local Government Boundary Commission News

What is it and how does it affect us ?

The aim of the electoral review is to recommend electoral division boundaries that mean each county councillor represents approximately the same number of voters. We also aim to ensure that the pattern of divisions reflects the interests and identities of local communities as well as promoting effective local government. In order to achieve these aims, we need to re-draw division boundaries across the county.

In West Lindsey, the Commission’s original proposals divided the parish of Welton between divisions. Following representations from local people and organisations, the Commission has amended its recommendations so that the parish will be wholly contained in a Welton Rural division.

The proposed new arrangements must now be implemented by Parliament. A draft order – the legal document which brings into force the recommendations – will be laid in Parliament in the coming months. The draft Order provides for the new electoral arrangements to come into force at the county council elections in 2017.