Housing Needs Survey

Grasby ...... Housing Needs Survey:  October / November 2011

23rd January 2012.

The results of the housing needs survey are published.

This identified a need within the local community of Grasby and Owmby cum Searby for around seven affordable homes. This report and it's conclusions were accepted by the Parish Council on 23rd January.

14th March 2012

The “call for land “, has resulted in one offer of land on Station Road. This offer is currently being discussed with WLDC Planning office. The results of their deliberations will be known later in May 2012.

The Rural Housing Enabler said “ The lack of affordable homes in Grasby and Owmby cum Searby is cause for concern. In the cureent situation many local people, particularly the young, are finding that they cannot afford to remain living there. Our survey highlighted several people or families who have already had to move out of the village due to the lack of affordable housing. It is vital that these young people and families are able to remain living in rural communities, to ensure that they remain economically and socially viable in the long term “.

March 2013. Further offers of land have been reported by WLDC planning office. However, progress towards actually achieving the affordable housing seems to be exceedly slow.