A short history on the village of Great Hale.

Our Parish is situated in South Lincolnshire within the District of North Kesteven.  The Parish area includes the village of Great Hale, Great Hale Fen and a small part of the hamlet of East Heckington. It has approximately 350 residences and a population in the region of 1,000.

About 90% of the Parish area is arable farm land and in the past most of the population was directly or indirectly engaged in agriculture, but very few of the villagers work on the land nowadays. The village has a relatively high proportion of retired residents and those that are working mostly commute to the nearby towns of Sleaford, Boston, Grantham or Lincoln.

In days gone by the Parish was largely self- sufficient with its own school, several shops and public houses, but in common with most other small communities, such facilities have largely removed to the larger towns and villages. In this regard the Parish benefits from its close proximity to its nearest neighbour, the much larger village of Heckington, where fortunately some such facilities still survive.

However, the village of Great Hale (otherwise known as Hale Magna) remains a thriving community and a good place to live. It boasts a magnificent village hall which is much in demand, a fine Anglican Church with a Saxon tower together with a children’s play area (known as Orchard Green)