Development in the District

SKDC is developing a new “local development framework” (LDF) which will form the basis on which decisions about development in the district will be based for the period to 2026.

The Core Strategy of the LDF was adopted on 5 July 2010.

One of the key issues of the strategy as it affects the village is that there is unlikely to be new development in Greatford.  The Core Strategy focuses new development on Grantham, with some development also envisaged in Stamford, Bourne and the Deepings, and larger villages where there is a good range of community services.  Greatford does not fall in this category, and for a village like Greatford the intention would be that development would only be permitted for
A.  affordable housing (rural exception or allocated sites)
B.  agriculture, forestry or equine development
C.  rural diversification projects
D.  local services & facilities
E.  replacement buildings (on a like for like basis); or
F.  conversions of buildings, provided that the existing building(s):

  • contribute to the character & appearance of the local area by virtue of their historic, traditional or vernacular form;
  • are in sound structural condition; and
  • are suitable for conversion without substantial alteration, extension or rebuilding, and
  • that the works to be undertaken do not detract from the character of the building(s) or their setting.

In addition, in Greatford there are further requirements for any developments within the Greatford Conservation Area (most of the village from the west end to the S bend in Main Street): it is necessary (for example) to seek permission to make changes like applying external cladding, erecting a satellite dish on a wall, roof slope or chimney facing the road, and demolishing certain buildings and walls.  In addition, SKDC must be given 6 weeks’ notice of intentions to lop or fell trees with a diameter greater than 75mm.

The Core Strategy and other documents setting out the details of the LDF may be found on the South Kesteven website (link below): in the Planning & Building Control section go to Local Plan & Local Development Framework page.