Footway and Street Lighting

Latest situation in repect of footway and Street lighting

At a public meeting held in 2016 residents were in favour of the Parish Council accepting the responsibility for funding and maintaining footway lighting owned and maintained by East Lindsey District Council should ELDC implement their policy of turning off all footway lighting. This would involve the Parish Council increasing their precept by an estimated £6,000 pa.East Lindsey subsequently withdrew their proposal and agreed to continue to maintain and fund footway lighting and so no action was required by the Parish Council.

Subsequently Lincolnshire County Council decided to turn off street lighting in residential areas not required for highway purposes at midnight. Following an enquiry by the Parish Council LCC intimated that they would be prepared to assign the street lights effected to the Parish Council free of charge with the Parish then becoming responsible for all cost associated with the lights estimated to be in the region of £6,000 pa.  LCC intimated that they would not be prepared to enter an agreement whereby the Parish Council contributed the additional cost of keeping the light effected by their decision on overnight.
The Parish Council has agreed to take no action at this time but to keep the situation under review.