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Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church

The Electoral Roll is to be renewed this year.

Canon Peter Coates has forwarded a link to the Electoral Roll form. Follow this link and see if you are eligible to be on it and therefore have a vote.


(N.B. to vote in the meeting you need to be on the Church Electoral Roll - to apply ask for a roll form from Church or contact Fr Peter for details) - or you can follow the link above. 

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Holy Trinity Church....

....is probably Saxon. The font is 13th century. In 1859 the church was extensively altered (it is said by some that it was desecrated in fact!) by Fowler.........The pews are a 'modern' addition (probably Victorian)...........Originally, and for most of its history, there would have been no formal seating at all..........It was a building that was open and the whole community and it's animals would use it frequently............During the 1970s the tower collapsed.

>>>>"While we are not all the future of the church, we are only custodians, we are responsible for the church having a future"<<<<

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NB  For information on use of the community space, contact the clerk to the PCC, Mrs Done on 01507 588672