FROG WATCH ........

.........When a frog's fancy turns to thoughts of . . . . . Tadpoles. Worrying decline in frog population.

Having lived down Church Lane for nearly 16 years, in that time we've noticed a steady decline in the number of frogs and toads on the roads.
Each year since we've been here we go out in the evening and pick them up off the road, well Anita picks them up while I carry the bucket and torch.
Initially the season would only last a couple of months and in that time we would save several hundred including a few newts. But now we can be picking them up for up to six months, and each year the numbers get less and less. Now we might save only 50 -100.
What we do save, we put down the bottom of our garden. So please be observant when in the area and try not to squish any. As a point of observation it seems toads are surviving better than frogs.                     Charlie and Anita Waters, Church Lane.