DOG WARDEN COORDINATOR appointed in the village

East Lindsey have appointed a Village Dog Warden Coordinator.

Picture of a small dog in a bin with a notice at the side to ask folk to clear up after their dog.


After many complaints regarding dog mess, not just in this village, but throughout East Lindsey, ELDC have been compelled to take further action to rid the area of this mess. Stray and loose dogs are also a problem.

They have trialled local Warden Co-ordinators in some areas and now Hagworthingham has a coordinator whose role is to relay information from Residents to ELDC about any dog related issues.

Please contact
or 01507601111 497. for more information.

From East Lindsey - £75 fine - Dog Fouling

We have Dog Control Orders in place to deal with dog fouling, dog on lead requirements and dog exclusion areas.

All offences can incur a Fixed Penalty notice. The current level of fine for a fixed penalty notice is £75.00. If you are issued with a fixed penalty notice you must pay the amount due within 14 days. If you fail to pay the amount due, the matter will be referred to the solicitor for the Council and the case may be referred to the Magistrates Courts.

We are always looking at ways to reducing Dog Fouling across the East Lindsey District and we need your help. If you have any ideas as to how we can reduce Dog Fouling please contact us.

ELDC Dog Warden