Affordable housing investment supported by Council Executive

Affordable housing investment..........
......supported by  Council Executive

EAST Lindsey District Council’s Executive Board has today agreed to recommend the Council invests a further £2.52m into its Housing Capital Programme to develop another 210 affordable homes in the District in partnership with Waterloo Housing Group.

Currently 7,676 households are on the Housing Waiting List in East Lindsey and the Board in making its recommendation to Council made clear that it is keen to help create more opportunities for people to have their own home and also give the construction industry a boost at a difficult economic time.  The Board’s recommendation will be considered at a meeting of Council on 29th February.

Since launching its Housing Capital Programme in 2004, East Lindsey District Council has directly invested £5.1m to develop over 500 affordable homes.  This investment has enabled the District to attract approximately £12m national funding from organisations such as the Homes and Communities Agency to subside the homes meaning more homes can be built.

The 210 homes would comprise of 40 units for rent in rural communities and 170 in towns, 150 of which would be for rent and 20 for shared ownership. This programme will run until April 2015 in line with the Homes and Communities Agency’s funding regime.

Portfolio Holder for Housing, Councillor William Gray, said: “The gap between the number of people on the Housing Waiting List and the availably of homes is ever increasing and we’re keen to invest what we can to help address this issue in a positive way. 

“As a family, and particularly for younger people, it is important to be able to move into your first home and have your own independence and with house prices still relatively high and obtaining a mortgage challenging for some we need to create other opportunities for people to have their own place.

“Aside from the investment I would like the Council to make; we will continue to work hard to encourage developers to include affordable housing when they are granted planning permission in East Lindsey.

“This investment, if approved at Council, would give the construction industry in the District a real boost too, with local contractors and suppliers being used.  It would also create apprenticeships for local people to develop new skills, something which is vitally important.”