The dedicated mobile number provided which may be called in an emergency when the defibrillator is needed is still in use and operated by volunteer Parish Councillors. The number is 07798713124. This is not a substitute for calling the emergency services on 999 which must be your first call - but a back up to allow the defibrillator to be brought to where it is needed as soon as possible, in the event that no-one else is able to access the device quickly. When you call 999 you will be given the code to open the defibrillator box, located on the wall at the George & Dragon, but, if you are unable to get there quickly, the person answering this second call will endeavour to get a volunteer to your home with the device. The Parish Council is always reviewing the operation of this system and volunteers to man the 'phone from time to time would be welcomed. If anyone has any comments, or suggestions on this service, please do let us know. Please tell your friends and neighbours - but, of course, we hope you never need to use it!

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