Voter ID Pilot

North Kesteven is participating in a Voter ID Pilot for the local elections taking place on 2 May 2019 overseen by the Cabinet Office.  Voters need to bring either one type of photo ID or two types of non-photo ID in order to vote at a polling station on 2 May 2019.   A final list of acceptable ID will be released by the Cabinet Office at the end of February 2019. However for photo ID, it is expected voters in the District can chose between approximately 10 types of identification such as passport, driving licence, concessionary travel pass, Military Identification card.  If choosing a non-photo ID, then potentially 15 types of ID are likely, to include debit/credit card, council tax statement, poll card, utility bills. 

In the event that a voter does not have any of the required identification, they will be able to apply for a free Local Elector ID for this election – this will ensure that no one misses out on being able to cast their vote.  Please note that the Voter Identification pilot will not apply to postal voters.

The aim of Voter Identification is to safeguard against electoral fraud and misrepresentation and improve confidence in the security of the voting process.  Although voter fraud is not known to be a problem within North Kesteven, the area’s characteristics make it an ideal test-bed for the principles of Voter ID within a sparsely-populated rural area with a growing, but ageing population.  It is essential that the Government learns from the operation of pilot schemes to inform future design of any ID requirements and delivery for implementing a potential national roll out of voter ID requirements in polling stations across Great Britain.