Chairmans Report

Chairman's Report  May 2016

What a difficult and traumatic year it has been for this Council.

The year started off well with the extension to this building to accommodate the lift and extra disabled toilet. Ollie Humpherston, the site manager for Newman Moore has won Best Public Building Award for N.K. and goes through to the finals in June for the East Midlands.  What a coo for Heckington!

The library was officially opened in December. It is being run entirely by volunteers and is proving to be a very valuable asset to the community with an average of 300 users per month.

Regretably,  Richard Higgs resigned his post as Chairman. Richard was a diligent Chairman and worked tirelessly for the Council.  If we didn’t know what he did, we certainly do now.

An election was called at the request of residents. Only two candidates stood.  This cost Heckington ratepayers £3172.12. 

Sadly our very able Clerk, Angela, left us after sustaining a period of bullying. This again has cost the council money due to a claim for constructive dismissal.

‘Heck Off’ is a group formed to challenge the planning permission for 22 wind turbines at East Heckington. Allegedly, not all the relevant people were approached prior to planning and now the turbines themselves have grown in size ,on a subsequent planning adjustment,  they are now been challenged. This is being  led by Dr John Yelland, an expert in this field.

The problems of dog excrement, speeding and inconsiderate motorists,  continue to be a challenge to the village. Mary Wilkinson, our volunteer Dog Warden, works very hard at trying to educate people about the dangers of dog fouling as well as the social aspect of it.  Regarding the speeding issue,  we have bought a SID machine to try to slow people down together with some advisory warning notices.

The last six weeks has been very upsetting,  with  two of our trusted and hard working Councillors sadly passing away. Councillor Alun Israel and Councillor John Little. Both of whom we have already paid tribute to.

Heckington Parish Council is a very busy organisation, struggling against the cuts to our services, and we have to depend on our loyal and hardworking staff. Sandra Scotney, our Financial Officer continues to keep us right with our finances. Our Clerk, Julie Hudson is fast coming to terms with her role and already proving an asset to the Council and of course Andy Ward, our Caretaker who keeps the cemetery in an immaculate condition and the village tidy generally including emptying dog bins!.

Finally I would like to thank Roger Woods,  our Vice Chairman,  He and I have only been in post for six and a half months, but it has been an extremely busy time and I like to think that  we have worked well , together with our fellow Councillors.

Thank you