Heighington Bowls Club

Bowling Green is situated at the Station Road Recreation Ground.


Heighington Bowls Club




The Club was originally formed in the 1935 by local members of the British Legion and it was known as the Heighington British Legion Club. At the Annual General Meeting in October, 1977 it was agreed that, owing to the numbers of Legion members having reduced to three, the name of the Club should be changed to the “Heighington Bowls Club”.



President : Mr G R Todd                               

Chairman : Mr P Howden                                 07732143904

Vice Chairman : Mr. B Randerson                   01522 402667

Secretary : Mr. L. T. Creasey                            01522 790927 

Assistant Secretary: Mr P Howden                 07732143904

Treasurer : Mr. L.T. Creasey                             01522  790927


The green is located between the pavilion on the sports field on Station Road and Chapel Lane, Heighington. The pavilion is a modern building, owned by the Parish Council, which was opened in 2002. The use of the pavilion is shared with the Tennis and Football Clubs.



Membership of the Club is open to anyone wishing to play the game of flat green bowls. The Club is always looking to recruit new members of any age whether they are existing bowlers or complete newcomers who would like take up the game. Anyone wishing to obtain any information about the Club may do so by contacting the Secretary who will be only too pleased to answer any questions you wish to put to him. The Club Officials may also be approached for information if this would be more convenient.

If you have not played the game of bowls before all the equipment you need to start with is a pair of flat soled shoes. The Club does have sets of woods available for use by new members.

The current membership totals 30 of which 3 are social members, and are made up a both male and females who live in a radius of six miles of the Club.



The Club is self financing with the annual subscription for a full membership being £20. This figure would be reduced depending on which month of the season from May to August in which membership is taken up. Junior members are only asked to pay £5. A new member may, if he or she so wish, join the Club as a social member and pay a subscription of only £5 then after playing up to four times on the green, if he or she wished to continue to be a playing member, a portion of the full membership would then have to be paid.

There is a concessionary rate available for anyone who is disabled or receiving state benefit and details of this can be obtained from the Secretary.



For the 2019 season the Club will be playing in the following leagues which means that there will be a minimum of  61 matches to be played during the four months of the playing season:-


Lincoln & District – Division Premier

Cliff – Division 1

City Afternoon – Section B

City Evening – Section B


In addition to league matches members can take part in the nine competitions which are organised just for full members of the Club. The singles, pairs and triple competitions are played for on fixed dates during the season with the finals of each completed on a finals day which will be on Sunday 9th September. This is the final bowling day of the season which ends with a fine spread of food and drink to be consumed by all those present.