The Thomas Garrett Arts And Crafts Centre

It is thought that the Chapel of Ease dates back to Norman times, but it was not until the early 1600's that Thomas Garrett, a local wealthy landowner, endowed a school for the boys of Heighington, Washingborough, and Branston. This was originally held in the Chapel, with extra rooms being built on for the purpose in 1865.

These rooms form what is now the Heritage Centre, and in 1993, North Kesteven District Council signed a 25 year lease with the Trustees of Garretts' Foundation for the Rooms to be used for arts, crafts and heritage purposes. Nowadays it is a busy place, with crafts such as stained glass, screen printing and textile work; medieval and celtic circle dance. meditation and earth healing groups working there; and lectures on history and travel taking place, to name but a few. The children from the primary school hold an end of year exhibition, and the local amateur dramatic society hold their rehearsals and make their costumes there.

We also have Open Days and exhibitions, and we support the Countywide Art on the Map Event, and the Lincolnshire Heritage weekend. We are at present annually hosting a performance from the Rural and Touring Community scheme.

The rooms attached to the chapel of ease (St.Thomas) are leased to North Kesteven District Council as an Arts, Crafts and Heritage Centre run by a local management committee. Some of the activities are textiles, stained glass, screen printing, and other sympathetic groups. For further information, contact: Mrs J Waine on 01522 790472