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This section will have news regarding the parish, highways and items from the police. Please check attachments at bottom of page for newest releases from watchline.

Preparing for Mother Nature and emergency power cuts

Be Prepared:

1)  Have a battery powered radio tuned into a local radio station.

2)  Keep a torch handy - much safer than candles.

3)  Make sure you and your vulnerable relatives/neighbours have a charged mobile phone with important numbers easily assessed in case help is needed.

4)  Only use alternative forms of heating or lighting if you can do so safely

5)  Ensure you have a good supply of warm clothing and a blanket close to hand

6)  Fill a vacuum flask and a hot water bottle

7)  Ensure your cupboards are stocked with food and drink which does not require electricity to heat or prepare

8)  If you have a stair lift, try to avoid using it

9)  Regularly back-up work on your computer

10)  Switch off all electrical appliances

11)  Leave a light wtich on so you know when power is restored

12)  Check to see if vulnerable neighbours are okay

13)  Wrap up warm and have a drink from your flask

14)  Keep on room warm and stay in it

Consider the Following:

a)     Is the boiler for your central heating system powered by electricity?  If so and the electric goes off it won't work.

b)     Will your oven or hob work without electricity?

c)     It is unlikely your cordless phone will work.  However, corded telephones should still work.

d)     Have you got a torch, warm blanket and battery or wind up powered radio?

e)     Does your fire alarm or emergency lighting system have battery back up.  If you don't know, check with your installer or maintenance enginers.