Financial Information

We have a small precept of around £5000 per annum. The Clerk, as the Parish Council's designated Financial Officer manages finances, ensuring payments are made in accordance with agreed procedures.

The Parish Council is mandated to manage  funds fairly, transparently and within it's scope of authority. Financial management is an area of PC activity which is subject to an annual risk assessment to ensure our public funds are appropriately protected and managed. 

 Bank reconciliations are presented at each scheduled meeting to ensure we keep spending on track.  

  The External Auditing body is appointed by the Government.  As our income/expenditure is <£25,000 per annum, we are not mandated to submit a full report to the external auditors, nonetheless this is undertaken to ensure accurate reporting and transparency.  These are overseen by an independent internal auditor

Once the accounts have been signed off by the Parish Council,  the Clerk posts a copy of "notice of inspection period for the exercise of public rights" - this is a notice which invites parishioners to examine the accounting information if they so wish. The Clerk is however  happy to respond to queries at any time. 

How is the money spent? 

A copy of the payments book is attached below which gives full detail of income and expenditure.  In summary the main areas of spend are:

Grass  & hedge cutting, tree inspection and tree remedial work, insurance (this extends to Parish assets and parish liabilities), annual inspection of playground, playground maintenance, general parish works, Clerk's remuneration. 

A small provision is available for donations to local groups who can demonstrate benefit to the parish. Typically a single donation is £100 or perhaps £200 - previous beneficiaries have included; Lives First Responders, St Michael and All Angels Church, Heydour Parish Hall, Youth Club.