Planning Applications

The Parish Council is a statutory consultee with no powers to accept or reject planning applications. The process of how the PC manages planning applications is detailed below.

The Process

SKDC inform the Clerk, via email of planning applications within the parish boundary. In turn the Clerk notifies Councillors, who review planning applications via SKDC’s planning portal. (SKDC no longer issue hard copies of plans to the PC; they may be viewed on line or hard copies are available to view at SKDC’s offices, St Peter’s Hill, Grantham).  

The Clerk will agenda any application for discussion at a meeting held in public. Where possible this is at a scheduled meeting, however as comments are required within a specified time frame, additional meetings are held when necessary. The agenda will include the reference number, the name and address of the applicant, (the location of the proposed works if this differs from the applicant address), a brief summary of the scope of the application.  

The Clerk posts agenda on this website and on noticeboards in the Parish. Parishioners and applicants are welcome to attend meetings and to comment or give additional information on the application if they wish to do so. 

Councillors will consider the merits of the application and any representations made by the public before voting on a response to SKDC.  This may be to lodge no objections, or to recommend the application is modified or conditions are imposed or to record ground for rejecting the application.  On behalf of the PC, the Clerk will submit comments to SKDC immediately following the meeting.

If a planning application is rejected and the applicant appeals, the PC is again consulted and the above process is reinstated.

Conflict of Interest 

If a Councillor submits a planning application or has any personal interest in an application, they will declare a conflict of interest and absent themselves from the PC discussion and any vote taken.


Making a comment on a planning application

Parishioners are encouraged to make comments directly to SKDC; this is a fairly straightforward process; it can be done via letter to the Planning Department or on line via

Once you access the SKDC website, click on “look for it”, under Planning and Building Control, you click on “search for a planning application”.   You can then enter the reference number if known, or the address, applicant or proposal.  If you enter Aisby, Oasby or Heydour in the search bar you will see a list of the most recent applications in that area.  Click on the application you wish to view.  You can then scroll down and will see “comment on this application”.  You are asked for your personal details and your comments.  Once you submit your comments a reference number is automatically generated, which you should retain for reference.