The Parish

History of Holland Fen and Brothertoft Parish Council (information taken from Holland Fen with Brothertoft A Parish History by Betty Brammer).

Holland Fen and Brothertoft are neighbouring villages with differing histories, both are in the Holland division of Lincolnshire and situated close to the B1192 approximately 3.5 miles north-west of Boston and south of Langrick Bridge.

Brothertoft, the compact, ancient manor of c.900 acres, held a central place amid the 22,000 acres of fenland which was pastured by its eleven neighbouring parishes.  In the 18th Century, owner of the manor, Major John Cartwright, re-organised the woad industry, introduced farming innovations and carried on the fight for Parliamentary Reform from his Brothertoft estate.

In the late-eighteenth century, following the upheaval of enclosure and drainage schemes, the hamlet now called Holland Fen began to emerge in its own right from the area know as Haut Huntre (Eight Hundred) or Holland Fen.

The village post office and  shop in Holland Fen closed several years ago , but Langrick Bridge Stores,at Langrick Bridge sells a wide range of essential groceries, milk, bread, newspapers etc.