Parish Council

Code of Conduct

At the full Council meeting on Monday 16th July 2012, the Parish Council adopted a new Code of Conduct for all Councillors.  This came into effect from 1st July 2012.  The Holton-le-Clay Parish Council have adopted the East Lindsey District Council Code of Conduct.

The new arrangements for the standards and conduct of Members include a Code of Conduct based on the 'Nolan Principles', the involvement of an independent person in the investigation of allegations of misconduct, a register of Members' Pecuniary interests and a new criminal offence of failing to declare or register Pecuniary Interests.

The new Code of Conduct continues with the behavioural aspects of the previous Code of Conduct and the provisions relating to Personal and Prejudicial Interests and 'bolts on' the new provisions relating to Disclosable Pecuniary Interests as contained within the Regulations mdade under the Localism Act 2011.

The formal Notice of Adoption of the new Code of Conduct can be see in the attachment below.  A signed copy of the Notice is displayed on the Notice Board outside the Parish Office at the Village Hall, Pinfold Lane.

Within the next 28 days all Paish Councillors will be required to complete a Register of Interests.  Under the new Code of Conduct these have to be displayed on the Council's website and this will be done over the next couple of weeks.  You will be able to see them in an attachment below.

Council Meetings

The Parish Council meets on the third Monday of every month at 7.00 pm in the Council Offices meeting room. (with the exception of August when the meeting is only held if required.   

The Council is a body of elected or co-opted unpaid councillors with responsibility for the Cemetery, the playing fields, reviewing planning applications, contracts, annual Precept, Emergency planning, Highways and environment including reporting of highway/footway issues and street lighting problems.

The Parish Council tries to do its best for the benefit of the village.  If members of the public have any major issues that they wish to be discussed they should submit them to the Clerk one week in advance of the meeting so that they can be added to the Agenda.  The item may also be submitted by telephone, post or e-mail. 

Open Session

There is an opportunity for a 30 minute - Open Session at which parishioners are welcome to raise topics of concern or speak on any matter prior to the business of the Council meeting.

Notices of meetings and other useful information are posted on the notice board to the front of the Council offices. 

For all other information please contact the Clerk to the Council on 01472 234566.

Details of Parish Council Meetings and District Ward Surgeries can be found in the Events Calendar.