Etherington Arms project

The Council Offices have been sold and Phase 1 of the project has been completed. The Council meeting room, office and storeroom at the back of the former Etherington Arms from 28 May 2012. Pinfold Lane, Holton-le-Clay. Holton-le-Clay Parish Council has bought the Etherington Arms Public House in Pinfold Lane, from pub chain Punch Taverns for £181,000 to provide a public venue for a range of activities and the relocation of the Council Offices to the property.

The relcoation of the Council Offices 2012

Photo by Betty Gash

The relocation of the Council Offices 2012

The building was purchased in March 2010.  The Village Hall Management Committee is called - Holton-le-Clay Multipurpose Educational and Resource Centre and was established in late 2010.

The former Etherington Arms is now called Holton-le-Clay Village Hall.

The Parish Council has a government loan being repaid over a 15 year fixed period. The HLC (MERC) have charitable status, a bank account and some funds, full planning permission on the hall via the Parish Council, a business plan is complete and full costings for the renovations.

The shutters to all the windows and doors at the property have been put in place and a side entrance canopy, with wheelchair access to the new Village Hall and the Council Offices has also now been completed on 5th October 2012 .

Phase 2b of the project of the renovation of the ground floor and open for bookings was completed on 9th May 2014.