Recreation Grounds

There are two areas of Recreation Grounds in the village. The Junior Playing Fields and the 8 Acres Playing Fields.

Jungle Climbers - Ituri - new Climbing Frame

Jungle Climbers - Ituri - new Climbing Frame


The Parish Council has been successful with an 'Awards for All' Funding of £10,000.00 for new play equipment to be installed May 2014.

The new climbing frame has been installed and is a great hit with the young people!

The Junior Playing Fields is the small recreation ground with some play equipment.  NO DOGS are allowed in any part of the Junior Playing Fields.

8 Acres Playing Fields is a large open space surrounded on three sides by farmer fields and the one side some housing.  There are old tennis courts and a discused bowling green where it is hoped over the next few years to renovate this area.  The field is used in the winter by the HLC Grasshoppers Football Club and HLC Adult Football Club.  Other uses are dog walking, jogging and walks, recreational football, cycling and visits by children and young people.

NO HORSES are allowed in any part of the 8 acres Playing Field.