Council News - March/April 2014

LINCOLNSHIREALERT – A leaflet about the community messaging system run by Lincolnshire Police are held in the Council Offices.  Once completed the forms can be dropped off at the Lincolnshire Police on Church Lane or Parish Council Offices on Pinfold Lane.                   

LIVES – HELPING SAVE LIVES IN LINCOLNSHIRE – LIVES Medics & First Responders are all volunteers who give up their time to respond to emergencies in their community.  So when you dial 999, not only will an ambulance be mobilised, but at the same time, the LIVES Medic or Responder on call in your area will also receive notification that you need their help.  LIVES aim to be at your side within 5-6 minutes of you making that 999 call!  LIVES (Lincolnshire integrated Voluntary Emergency Service) are always on the look out for volunteers so if you are interested in supporting your community in this way - please ring the main HQ on 01507 525999 or email                                                                                                              

ANNUAL PARISH MEETING – MONDAY 12TH MAY 2014. The Annual Village meeting is in May.  Parishioners have the opportunity to ask questions to the Parish Council.  There will be a brief report given by the Chairman and Responsible Financial Officer’s on the finances.  This year it is planned to hold a bigger event in the new Village Hall section with outside speakers and stands promoting the clubs and organisations in the village.  You are invited to come along and have your say, meet your Parish Councillors and hear what is happening in our village.

PARISH COUNCIL VACANCY – There is a vacancy on the council for a Parish Councillor, which is a voluntary role.  For further information please contact the Clerk to the Council on 01472 825467 or visit the Council Offices at the Village Hall on Pinfold Lane.      

AMENITY GRASS CUTTING - The new start to the season for cut and strim – week commencing 17th March and 31st March

GRASS VERGES - Car owners/drivers are requested not to park on the grass verges but to use their driveways whenever possible or on the road. 


The next two Full Council meetings will be on Monday 14th April 2014 (2nd Monday) and Annual Parish meeting Monday 12th May 2014.  Parishioners are welcome to attend all Council and committee meetings.


GREEN WASTE COLLECTIONS – Residents are reminded that they can still opt into the new collection service for the 2014-15 year at a charge of £25 per year.  To sign up visit                                                                                                           or call 0800 0855037        


A District Council Customer Services representative visits Holton-le-Clay on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. 

The dates of the forthcoming ELDC Facilities Day are


Wednesday 9th April 2014 and 14th May 2014.                                                

9.00 am-1.00 pm and 2.00 pm-4.00 pm.  


The two Holton-le-Clay Ward councillors hold a surgery.  Why not take the opportunity to meet your District Councillors?  The dates of your local ELDC Councillors’ surgery at the Parish Offices are                           

Wednesday 16th April 2014         10.00 am -12.00 noon

Wednesday  21st May 2014            2.00 pm -  4.00 pm