Frequently Asked Questions

Responses from the NDP Group to some of the more frequently raised concerns in regard to potential new development in Holton-le-Clay

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Questions and Concerns Received from Parishioners of HLC at the HLC Village Christmas Fayre 6th December 2014


Questions and  Comments

Team Consideration

Teams Response

Where can the information about the archaeology digs before and during housing developments be found and viewed?

Digs & reports are available to the land owner & district council where applicable.

Parish council would need to request these as available. We are only entitled if planning application is submitted.

Are we going to lose allotments to housing?

 Parish Council refer to allotments as parish gardens.

There are no plans to change the number of parish gardens. Parish gardens could be increased if more land is made available

Getting a doctors appointment or having a district nurse house call – you have to wait far to long now. What will it be like when lots of new houses are built in HLC?


NDP Team have contacted the Holton-le-Clay and North Thoresby practice to gain an understanding of practice capacity.

The practice has capacity for another +/- 500 people.  Information on future government housing needs would be a contributory factor requiring response from North Thoresby practice.

Surface water / standing water after heavy rain is a problem in HCL.  Louth Road /Church Lane junction has had a lot of work done to improve standing water – but it is still a problem.

Drainage issues are a major concern to residents, community and  Parish Council.  Surface water flooding and drainage has been highlighted as a priority for the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

This junction has had problems in the past & is still not right, due to poor surface water maintenance & private contractors closing logger heads that need to be open. Any future planning applications affecting this drainage line would need to meet LCC requirements as the leading authority on water.

Fields and open green spaces are an important part of the village of HLC. Are we going to lose them all to housing?

 The Neighbourhood Development Plan highlights the need for protection of the Junior Play Field and the 8 Acre Field as public amenities.

 Open Green Spaces are going to be a Neighbourhood Development Plan policy.  Team are working this issue.

Cars parked on road and paths are a problem/concern now. What will it be like with more and more cars from new housing developments?

Vehicular requirements are planning issue to new housing. Police action where illegal parking takes place.

Neighbourhood Development Plan is using the principles of “Secure by Design” police document. Which covers car parking.

 New housing is required to allow for off street parking & looks for better design to cover this issue.

Is HLC going to become and estate of Grimsby/Cleethorpes? Are the boundaries going to be eroded away with housing developments?

Neighbourhood Development Plan seeks to keep the village delineated from the surrounding villages.  Our goal is to maintain open green boundaries. 

There is going to be pressure to build more and more houses. A community approved Neighbourhood Plan will become a formal planning document to aid planners of the agreed desires of the community.

What has happened to the money the NDP was given to produce the plan?

We still have most of it

It is held in ELDC account & will be used towards pre-referendum & referendum costs

Which will be the next site to be built upon?

Can not answer

This will be determined by planning at ELDC & its outcome. Which ever is first to apply is not necessarily the first to be accepted.


Questions and Received from Parishioners of HLC at the Public Meeting on 10 January 2015


Recent Evening Telegraph Article indicated long term involvement of the Parish Council.

This was a slightly incorrect or misleading statement

The press reported as it was given the information by others. The only reason the council is involved since its concept in September 2011 is that the district ward councillor applied under the governments Vanguard project for grant monies, awarded to them for the parish council.

Recent Evening Telegraph Article indicated long term involvement of the Parish Council.

This was a slightly incorrect or misleading statement


Again slightly misleading – Neighbourhood Development Plan was set up steering group rather than a standing committee of the Parish Council.  Parish Council had limited involvement.  

Young people cannot afford to buy houses, there are no jobs to support an influx of new residents.

Housing is a fundamental part of Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Jobs and job prospects are outside of the teams remit.



The starter house & social housing is being addressed in the East Lindsey Housing Strategy / Core Strategy.   Affordable housing is required with all developments of 10 or more houses. With the renewable energy industry growing on the south bank and the anticipated growth in population. People will want to come and live in Holton-le-Clay.

Other green field sites closer to Toll Bar would be more suitable.

This is an issue for North East Lincolnshire – rather than East Lindsey Councils.

There is no supporting evidence to say that those sites would be better suited & are across district boundaries.

Extra weight of housing on clay soil would cause flooding.

Surface water flooding and drainage is a concern and has been highlighted by many residents as a priority concern.

If permission is give to build any housing development – AWA and other agencies will be fully involved in the planning process.

Field inclines will flood existing properties

Really hope this is not the case. Neighbourhood Development Plan and Parish Council will make ELDC aware of the local issues.

This would form part of any LCC investigation in to water disbursement at time of planning applications.

Can schools cope with influx of new pupils?

Neighbourhood Development Team has contacted both the Infants and Junior Schools to gain an understanding of capacity limitations if any.

Infrastructure requirement – schools / doctors etc - to sustain an increase in population will be a fundamental part of the planning process.

What are the plans for the Junctions  on Clay Lane Corner ( a blind bend)

As no planning applications are in at the moment cannot answer.

There are no current planning applications in at this time. Should the future require this to be considered then it is open to the public & council to put forward suggestions.

Cricket Club noise impact.

Tricky one as it is presuming an outcome before or during a planning application

Unfortunately this comes under pre-determination, as one cannot say how much noise would be generated.

Traffic issues at Toll Bar roundabout.

This is being currently addressed.

The news media has given some information recently on the issue of Toll Bar roundabout. When details are made available, we may be in a situation to comment further on this. There is a requirement to a duty to co-operate with neighbouring authorities.