Unauthorised Trespassing

Message from Orsted received 13/09/19

I am writing to you on behalf of ├śrsted to inform you that a number of incidents of vehicle theft and vandalism have recently occurred along the Hornsea Two onshore cable route. Given the serious nature of these incidents, the police have been informed.


Whilst construction works continue, any unauthorised trespassing on any of the construction sites constitutes an extremely serious safety issue, and members of the public are strongly advised to avoid entering at all times. Please be reminded, construction sites are accessible to authorised personnel only.


We are working with our principal contractor to ensure 24 hour security along the cable corridor, with increasing security patrols. Extra measures have also been implemented to protect our sites and most importantly to ensure safety for all.


We ask for your support by ensuring that you remain vigilant and share this notice more widely with parishioners. Should you notice any suspicious behaviour, please notify our Community Liaison Officer, Dereth Morgan, on 07472 617839 or via email community@hornsea1and2.co.uk For reporting outside of normal working hours, please call 07384906810.


Should you require any additional information about Hornsea Two offshore wind farm, please visit our website: https://hornseaprojects.co.uk/Hornsea-Project-Two