Honington History

Honington has a rich and varied history. The obvious sign of previous residents within our local area is Honington Iron Age hill fort (aerial photographs below). However, other signs exist. Recent aerial imagery over the north of the parish enables the Iron Age settlement, a scheduled ancient monument, to be seen within the crop patterns.

Iron age settlement

Evidence of the boundary ditches can be seen on the right of the image with further ditches visible near the wood on the left. Running through the settlement, the darker green area indicates the former route of the stream before its course was modified in later years to enable more extensive agriculture.

Photograph of a stone tool discovered in a village garden possibly dating from the bronze age

Even earlier settlement probably existed in the area. A stone tool discovered in a village garden possibly dates from the Bronze Age. Clearly visible are the marks made when working the implement and damage along the cutting edge indicates that the tool has been used.

Honington Hill Fort is a well preserved site consisting of 3 banks and 2 ditches. Although known as a fort it is more likely to be a defended settlement. Iron Age finds including spears, bridle-bits and swords have been discovered at the site along with Roman coins indicating later use.


Photograph of honington hill fort
Photograph of honington hill fort

Photographs of Honington Hill Fort taken on 4th November 2006 by Ian Bracegirdle

The following photographs of Honington Hall before its demolition in the 1940's are courtesy of Lost Heritage - England's Lost Country Houses.

Photograph of honington hall before its demolition in the 1940s
Photograph of honington hall before its demolition in the 1940s


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