Nora's Memories of Life in Kirkby Underwood

by Nora Green

Nora’s memories of life in Kirkby Underwood before and during the Queen’s rein.

I was born in Old Dalby near Melton Mowbray and moved to Kirkby when I was 10.

I went to the village school until 12 years old and the teacher was a Miss Gerrard.  After that I went to Rippingale Senior School and left at 14.  Then I worked on the farm and in the house.

We had no electric in the farm house but used Aladin lamps.

There was a well in the Manor Field under the chestnut tree which was for anyone to use.  In our house we had a water pump from which we pumped water into a tank in the roof so we had running cold water upstairs and down and a flush toilet.   If you wanted a hot bath you put the copper on to heat the water and then had to bucket the hot water up to the bath.  We had a bath once a week and all shared the water.

We had a compost toilet outside with a double seat and another one across the yard with a single seat. 

My father had a pony (called Silver) and a trap and used to take me to Bourne on a Saturday evening.  Father went into The Angel and I went dancing.  Later years we used to go to the pictures.

I think father was the first to have a car an Alvis or it may have been Harry Burbank.

The Post Office was at the end of Rock’s cul- de- sac and a Miss Marshall was the Post Mistress.

The pub had a thatched roof until it caught fire.  I stood in the field as a teenager and watched it burn and remember they found some tankards that had been hidden in the roof after the fire.