Photograph of langrick bridge

Langrick Bridge

Langriville Parish Council



      18th March 2020

Dear Residents,                                                                                                            

Following a decision of the Parish Council on 16th March 2020 the following statement is issued:

“The Parish Council recognises and agrees that no business, meeting, service provision or service delivery of the Authority is of any importance above that of public and personal safety. As such, all scheduled public meetings will be cancelled for an initial 2  month period (or as circumstances dictate)”.

Whilst public meetings are cancelled, please be assured the Council has put measures

in place to ensure minimal disruption or interruption to service delivery within the community

and staff cover will remain in place as necessary or until any national legislation or instruction dictates otherwise.

The Council can be contacted on the numbers shown below but are unable to answer specific questions in relation to or on behalf of other local Authorities, health care providers or individual businesses within the parish. 

Over the coming weeks, local self-help will be of paramount importance, and as such the Council will endeavour to work with other organisations to coordinate self-help and volunteers within the community.

Should you wish to offer your help or support, please contact the Community group via telephone 01205 280843  or email  langrivillepc@gmail.com

Above all the Council advises people to follow the latest national or regional health advice and encourages you not put yourself or other at risk from infection. 

Government Social distancing advice is available at:


Government Stay at home guidance is available at: