Langworth events - regrettably the Langworth Local news letter lost its editor and publishing has not taken place since June 2018. The parish council are working on providing the resources to publish an even better news letter early 2019.

An Introduction to Langworth...

Langworth is the core village of a group of five; Langworth, Barlings, Low Barlings, Stainton By Langworth, Newball  and Reasby and it is Langworth that hosts the Memorial Hall, the pubs and various businesses.

Pastoral care is provided by 3 churches, St Hugh’s (Langworth),
St Edward’s (Barlings) and St Johns (Stainton By Langworth).

Personal contact by the Parish Councillors keep us informed as do our young people who are aware as to whom information can be exchanged.  Attempts have come to nothing to re-awaken the Village Hall Youth Club but there is always hope!

With our elderly, normal village awareness is strong and the elderly are served by many friends and residents of the village.  The Memorial Hall offer Coffee mornings and the sessions are attracting more visitors every week since plenty of chat and togetherness is provided and the opportunity to ask for help/assistance if required. 

Jumble Sales & Quiz evenings,  are all held regularly in our Memorial Hall.

A recently launched 'Langworth Lunch Club' held once per month is proving popular for those living alone, disabled or over 60.

The Senior Citizens all have an annual Christmas Lunch at no cost to the senior residents, paid for by fund raising throughout the year and donations for advertising in our local village magazine - the ‘Langworth Local’.

We are served by a fine and regular daily bus service and the Mobility bus and the Wragby Resource Centre Car Scheme is readily available.

The Women’s Institute has talks and visits of all sorts to which non-members are welcome; most village meetings are held in the Memorial Hall.

The Memorial Hall has a well equipped play area with a Youth Shelter,  and a ‘kick about’ area too.  Inside it has a modern kitchen and caters for the disabled.  A wheelchair is available for use and may be borrowed by residents.

There is a free bus on Friday to Tesco.

A monthly newsletter ‘Langworth Local’ is issued free to every household in the grouped parish, carrying all sorts of news and advisory points. Recent Editions are available on this website.

Daffodil bulbs have been provided by the Parish Council for a number of recent Autumns and continue to provide colour in the spring.

Environmentally, Barlings Abbey, a pinfold and Tree Conservation are all part of Langworth’s heritage.

In the village we have a pub, a hatchery, farmers, an outreach Post Office,  a garage and many other businesses.  We have three Bed and Breakfast accommodations,  3 sets of fishing lakes, attracting visitors from all over the region, with caravanning facilities on two sites.

The Parish Council keeps the parishioners informed of events/happenings by posters on notice boards, the ‘Langworth Local’ and flyers if a vital scenario is mooted.

Langworth is a prospering friendly community, which has so much for a population of under 500.  We all take pride in our village and surroundings and to belong and live amongst many friends.