The Orchard Burial Ground

A matter of life and death

Travel through Langworth, and turn left at The Old School on the A158. Go along the road and in a mile you'll have passed through Stainton By Langworth.

There on the left - after the railway crossing - you'll find The Orchard. It's a 'natural', 'eco' or 'green' burial ground. When it opened recently it became the first place in the country where people, pets or even people with their pets, can be buried.

And what a beautiful place it is to be buried. Please feel free to visit.

When you enter the first things you'll see is a small orchard. These are traditional Lincolnshire apple trees. Follow the road across the meadow. The orchard and the area on your right is where people can be buried. To your left is a meadow where ashes can be scattered. Turn left before the gate and you'll find where people and their pets can be buried alongside each other. Beyond the gate is the area for pet burials.

Families can plant a tree in a loved-one or pet's memory.

Why has The Orchard been opened?
During the last 10 years the owner, Paul Disley, has conducted over 600 funerals. He knows that increasingly people are looking for an alternative to traditional burial, crowded graveyards or cremation. Today people see a funeral as a time to celebrate a life. Families also want loved-ones buried somewhere beautiful they can visit. People are also recognising how important pets are and are seeking somewhere their pets - and later they too  can be buried.

To find out more, or to arrange a conducted visit, contact Paul on 01522 754154. He'll be delighted to hear from you.