Welcome To Laughton

Laughton is a small rural village in North Lincolnshire.  It is an ancient settlement mentioned in the Doomsday book as belonging to Guy de Lacton or Craeon.

The village lies in the lea of Keuper Ridge with wide open views to the South.  To the North is the beautiful Laughton Forest, mainly pine but with some deciduous trees and sites of special scientific interest.  Contained within this area are ancient ponds along with rare coversands and heathland. 

There are two Churches within the village: All Saints and The Methodist Church.  Laughton Endowed School was founded in 1566 but closed in 2005.  However the site has been taken over by a neighbouring school and still provides education for local children.  There is one public house, The Ingram Arms, a farm shop and a small play area.  There are no other facilities but there is a Doctors surgery and shops in nearby villages.