Welcome to Laughton Parish Council Webpage

Laughton Parish Council was formed in 1891.  The Council is also the Burial Board for Laughton and has responsibility for Laughton Cemetery which is situated on Scotter Road, Laughton.  The table of fees and regulations are sited on the Cemetery Notice Board. 

The Cemetery contains graves from 1890 along with a war memorial taking the form of an armillary sundial on a blue perl plinth and a bench donated in memory of all who gave their lives in WW2

The Parish Council is made up of the following Councillors and Clerk:

Chairman - Daniel Mather

Vice Chairman - Stacey Gillott


Graham Hinman

Jill Peers

Richard Skelton

Stuart Skelton


Nicola Altoft

The Parish Council meet in The Methodist Schoolroom, Scotter Road on the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm.  The Annual Parish meeting is held in March and the Annual Parish Council meeting in May.