Laughton Cemetery

Laughton Cemetery can be found on Scotter Road

Photograph of laughton cemetery in 2006

Laughton inhabitants were worried about the ‘overcrowding’ in the churchyard and so applied to have a new cemetery.  This application seems to have caused some consternation in various quarters.  Several people believed that the original churchyard should be extended, indeed it seems that this idea was approved.

However, a movement began to site the cemetery on Scotter Road.  Amongst the objections put forward were that the bodies would contaminate the water supply.  As the cemetery is adjacent to a large dyke, I suppose there was a certain amount of reason in their argument, although the villagers seemed to get their water from wells which one would presume, were not fed from this dyke.

The earliest burial we have in the cemetery is of Robert Clarke and baby.  This took place in 1888 but sadly, there is no headstone on this grave.