Speed Check Resuls

On behalf of residents the Parish Council actively raised the issue of speeding within Legbourne & arranged for speed checks to be carried out, the results are shown below:

Two surveys were carried out on Station Road commencing 11th May 2015, one positioned outside ‘Rosegarth’ and the other near the junction of Chapel Lane.  Each site recorded an average of 4000 to 4500 vehicles per day.  The speed limit was relatively well observed, average speed at the Rosegarth site was 32 mph, and average speed at Chapel lane was 30.5 mph.  The level of non-compliance was comparatively low against other primary road sites; at Rosegarth 3% of vehicles travelled at a speed at which prosecution would be an appropriate course of action, at Chapel lane that figure was 1.4%.

This information has been sent to the local policing team for their information and consideration when setting policing priorities for this area, however, neither of the two sites meets the criteria for enforcement by fixed or mobile safety cameras.