Play within the parish

The Parish Council have play areas on Saltersford Grove, The Belfry, Fifth Avenue, High Road Londonthorpe and Withambrook Play Area. All were renovated in 2006/7 and two new Springer Rides for toddlers fitted.

A major Project was to do something for the older children i.e. youths and teenagers. As members of the SKDC Play Forum we were successful in 2008 with our application for a grant from to the “Big Lottery Grant”. This being successful meant the Multi Use Games Area was built on our Withambrook Park land. This includes Football, Basketball and Cricket facilties.  This was opened by the Chair to the Parish Council Ms' J Foster JP in April 2009.

The developers provided funds through Section 106 for the junior play area adjoining MUGA this had to done before the estate was ready for adoption by SKDC. The adoption of some parts of the estate still remains undone, but the equipment is in and being well used.

in 2014 a new piece of equipment was put into The Belfry Play Area, this being a welcome addition to the aging wooden equipment put in in the early 1990s.

Early spring 2015 saw a similar piece of equipment put in at Fifth Ave once again good reports received from the users. 

In March 2015 we were offered a deal to good to refuse by a local company "AMG" of Alma Park. Two sets of swings were available at less than cost price, the decision was taken to replace the cradle swings both at Londonthorpe and The Belfry. An extra bonus was that AMG gave and fitted three pieces of Fitness Equipment at the Belfry. This fits in extremely well with the ethos of healthier living. We are very appreciative of the kindness of the  team at AMG.

This Month March 2018 has seen the replacement of the old wooden Trim Trail at the Belfry with a brand new steel one with 9 elements to it. They are all designed to get 5 to 14 year olds more active.

We would like to update the Bridge End Grove site but until we know what is planned for the Spitalgate Heath development  we will wait. When this estate is built several new play areas will be introduced through consultation with the developers.

Other areas will also be considered for extra equipment as funds become available.