Ludborough Roads, Paths & Drains

Update on issues raised by Parishioners regarding Ludborough Roads, Paths, Drains, Lighting, etc. This lists only CURRENT issues/problems that the Parish Council are progressing. If you have a problem or concern about Roads, Paths, Drains or Lighting then please contact a Ludborough Parish Councillor who will raise it as a subject at the next Parish Council Meeting.

Report a problem with local roads.

You can report issues with local roads using the link on this page.

Our local roads are not in a good state. Ludborough and surrounding area suffers with a limited budget and large rural road network to maintain. There are many potholes on our minor roads which can cause damage to vehicles and make it unsafe for cyclists.

The Parish Council reports potholes when it is aware of them and is pleased to say that generally speaking  when reported using the Portal on the Lincolnshire County Council website they are repaired in a timely manner.

You can let the Parish Council know of any particular issues if you wish or you can use the link below to report problems with local roads such a potholes and drainage problems.

If you see a particular  problem it helps to take a photo if you can which you can upload to the reporting website. 

This helps the Highways team assess how quickly the problem needs to be resolved. 

The link will take you to the Lincolnshire County Council website and will allow you register for your very own transactional portal for interacting with the council, once registered you will be able to seamlessly interact with the council day or night directly.