Ludborough Parish Council reponse to East Lindsey Draft Core Strategy

East Lindsey (ELDC) published their Draft Core Strategy in October 2009. The Draft Core Strategy & the Ludborough Parish resonse to this is shown here.

Ludborough Parish Council broadly supported this Core Strategy.

However  we had significant concerns regarding the ELDC so called "sustainability" of our village (which is defined as a Hamlet in the Strategy).

Additionally we were concerned about the stance that ELDC were taking about development of existing "brownfield" sites & in fill building within our Village.

Specifically we were concerned that ELDC were likely to oppose the proposed planning application for the Ludborough Garage site. Planning permission for the development of the Ludborough Garage site has subsequently been approved (Allowed with Conditions) for the erection of a dwelling and garage.

The Draft Core Strategy & our Ludborough Parish Council response to this are both shown below.