GRANTS: Policies and Application Forms

Grants Policy

Mablethorpe and Sutton Town Council provides financial assistance to local groups and organisations whose activities provide direct benefit to the community served by the Council.

What is eligible for financial assistance?

The following guidelines are provided to help an applicant determine whether they qualify for a grant.

  • Applications should be for a specific project, for example new or replacement equipment, an event or project or the cost of establishing a new group or for a specific event within the parish
  • Applications will not normally be supported from individuals;
    The  Council will not support revenue expenditure, that is the ongoing running costs of an organisation;
  • Any event grant awarded will never exceed 50% of the cost of the project;
    Grants will be considered but might not be awarded in consecutive years to an organisation for any purpose except to core clients who are;
East Lindsey Citizen's Advice Bureau
Sutton on Sea Primary School (Swimming Grant)
St. Clements PCC (Burial Ground Maintenance Grant)
  • Only one small grant will be awarded to any organisation during any administration year, unless there are exceptional circumstances, approved by resolution of the Town 
  • Only one event grant will be approved per event

Making an Application

All applications must be submitted on the relevant Town Council application form (either small grant or event grant).  Details about the group or organisation must be provided, including a copy of the most recent audited accounts and the constitution of the body.  In the case of a new group, a robust business plan will be required. 

The Town Council also require strong evidence of self help and alternative fund raising by the group. 

Evidence of the expenditure incurred on the project must be submitted to the Council within 2 months of the award, together with a brief report of the benefits to the community resulting from the grant.

The Grants Working Group aims to meet three times a year to ensure fair allocation. Submission cut off dates are 31 January (for award in April), 31 May (for award in June), 30 September (for award in October)  All subject to availability.

No awards will be made retrospectively, so, please get your paperwork in to the Town Clerk's office in good time.