Beach Re-Nourishment and Sand Clearance - Promenade Areas

Beach Re-nourishment works in the Parish 2018

Beach Re-Nourishment:

The primary function of the promenade is as a sea defence to provide protection for residents living in the area.  To give added protection to the main sea defence wall the Environment Agency conduct the annual beach nourishment programme, which bolsters the sea defence by raising the volume of sand on the beach.

This vital work ensures the coastal towns have robust defences in place to minimise the risk of tidal breaches and minimise the risk from inland flooding. 

Sand Clearance:

The work also has a knock on effect; raising the level of the sand on the beach increases the risk of wind blown sand gathering on the promenade.  East Lindsey District Council work in partnership with the Environment Agency, Lincolnshire County Council and Mablethorpe & Sutton Town Council to coordinate the removal of sand from the promenade and surrounding footpaths. 

The continual removal of the sand, particularly in bad weather is very expensive and with limited resources, the District Council has to monitor the effectiveness of the work. 

The District Council is committed to TRY and keep the promenade clear of sand as much as possible between April and September. Between October and March the District Council aims to keep the main promenade areas open and the access routes.  At times access may be restricted.