Marston Pumpkin Club


Pumpkin Display, 14 Oct 17.

The objective of Marston Pumpkin Club is not only to grow the heaviest pumpkin, but also to engender a spirit of competition, challenge, friendship and above all else, a bit of fun for all who participate.

As with many such activities it all began quite innocently in 1963 when Mr. George Tucker, took a pumpkin to show to others in the bar of the Thorold Arms public house in Marston. This created boastful comments from other growers which resulted in a friendly competition the following year. The competition was won by Mr. Bunny Turner with a pumpkin weighing 1 stone 1 pound.  Bunny, ably assisted by Mr. Titch Williams, made the competition an annual event with over a hundred entries growing nearly two tons of pumpkins in the first year.

The Annual Show is now held at the village hall on a Saturday in October.  Weigh-in is from 7 pm to 8 pm.  The entrance fee is £1, payable by purchasing seeds from the organiser from April to mid June.  Alternatively the fee may be paid when submitting a pumpkin or pumpkins at the Show.  Entry is open to all-comers and participants may use their own seeds.  Prizes are awarded on the same evening.  This is followed by a raffle for club funds, and a complimentary buffet comprising pumpkin soup and a bread roll.

Prizes are awarded for the following categories:
Heaviest: The Bunny Cup
Second heaviest: The Titch Trophy
Third heaviest
Best pair
Catchweight (ie average weight of the total)

To encourage fair competition and to recognise the efforts of all participants, an entrant is permitted to win no more than one of the five prizes.

Each year a donation is made to a local charity.

RESULTS, 14 October 2017

1st prize, The Bunny Cup - 14 st 7 lbs, Gareth Williams
2nd prize, The Titch Trophy - 6 st 5 lbs, Andy Watson
3rd prize - 6 st 0 lb, Peter Pearson
Best pair - Lyndsay Critchley
Catchweight - not awarded
Total weight of 23 pumpkins entered - 0.45 tons.

Best Decorated Pumpkin (Adult) - Rachel Connolly

Best Decorated Pumpkin (Children):

First Prize - Year 6 girls (Maddie Barnabus, Alice Wright, Katelyn Wright, Gracie Hall, and Tillie Rayner)

Second Prize - Isla-Mae Kirk.

Third Prize - Year 5 girls (Lucy Mapletoft, Annie Corston, Mathilda Carley and Holly Walker)

Three donations each of £75 have been made from the proceeds of the evening to the WI, the Village Hall, and Marston Church Fabric Fund, and also £50 to Hougham, Marston & Barkston Playgroup.

Detailed results - see attached spreadsheet.

Organiser:  Andy Watson, tel: 01400 250840