Useful Contacts

Contact your local Police Officers

Lincolnshire Police
Tel: 101
Bracebridge Heath Police Station
Tel: 01522 805718

PC 162 Pete Hanson

Mobile: 07973 847075


PCSO 2137 Paul Flannigan
Mobile:  07973 845827

Parish Dog Warden

The amount of fouling taking place still causes a significant street cleansing problem. The good news, however, is that recently the amount of owners who clear up after their dogs has notably increased.
The Parish Council are operating a zero tolerance policy on dog fouling. If you witness an offender please report them to the Parish Dog Warden, Michael Cummins Tel:  07903 898451 or North Kesteven District Council - Tel: 01529 414155.

North Kesteven District Council – Anti Social Behaviour Team and Contact Details

The Anti-Social Behaviour team are part of the Housing, Partnerships and Communities Department.  The team works in partnership with a wide range of agencies to tackle all causes of anti-social behaviour in North Kesteven and to take the lead in enforcing anti-social behaviour legislation.
The Team comprises 2 Anti-Social Behaviour Officers, with additional support from a dedicated uniformed police officer.
The team can be contacted using the contact details below:-
Telephone:  01529 308100
Fax: 01529 413956