Parish Councillors

A full list of elected members for 2016-2017 are below, to see their photographs please see pdf.

New Chairman

Photo by Sharon Wetherall

Councillor Joanna Finegan - Chairman

Metheringham Parish Council Chairman

Each year at the Annual Meeting of the Council the first item on the agenda is the election of the Chairman to serve for the coming year.  Meetings of the Council are chaired by the Chairman and in their absence the Vice- Chairman.  

At the Annual Meeting of the Council held on Tuesday 24th May 2016 Councillor Mrs Joanna Finegan was re-elected as Chairman for her  second term of office for the year 2016/2017. 

If you would like to invite the Chairman to your event then please contact Sharon Stafford  - Clerk on 0800 6343307 or  

The Parish Council Members:

  • Councillor J H Finegan - 01526 320849 - Chairman
  • Councillor P D Ford - 01526 320016 – Responsible Financial Officer
  • Councillor M Allen - 07802500262
  • Councillor N Byatt - 01526 322750 
  • Councillor J Kendrick - 01526 323364
  • Councillor S Peek - 01526 322575
  • Councillor S Stocker - 01526 320821
  • Councillor S Wilson - 01526 321289

Parish Councillor Vacancies

There are currently some vacancies on the council.  If you are interested in joining the team please call in for a chat or contact us on 08006343307 or e-mail