Community Emergency and Flood Plan

Lincolnshire’s Joint Emergency Management Service is responsible for coordinating serious emergencies that may occur in our communities, such as flu pandemics, aeroplane or major road crashes, serious floods and so forth. However, the community can do much to help itself both whilst awaiting police, fire, ambulance responses, and assisting them. This is because the community has a great deal of knowledge about its own resources and skills which will be crucial in an emergency.  The purpose of its Emergency and Flood Plan is to capture this information, and with the help of volunteers living in the village to put it into action should the need arise.

Community Emergency and Flood Planning is driven by a small group of Parish Councillors who, with the Clerk, have collated as much relevant information as possible. This is being put into a plan that identifies who does what, when and where, and which will soon be available on the Metheringham Parish web-site. Hopefully the plan will never need to be implemented but if it is, our aim is to help reduce trauma and distress for those affected by the incident and get life back to normal as quickly as possible.

If you can offfer help or equipment please contact:  Sharon Stafford 08006343307