Metheringham Community Skate Park

Metheringham Skate Park - Completed May 2014

Photo by Sharon Wetherall

Metheringham Skate Park - Completed May 2014

If there are any issues with the skate park please contact the parish council office on 0800 6343307.
The new skate park was officially opened on Sunday 17th August. Special thanks go to Mary Hurst from WREN who were the main grant funder of the project. Two Seasons for stepping in at the last minute and organizing the skate jam with prizes. Thanks go to Cllr Mrs Bradwell, MACLA, other community donations and all the people that helped on the day.
A collection of photos from the day are in the pdf document below.

May 2014

After many years the Metheringham Community Skatepark is complete.  An official opening is being planned and the date will be announced shortly. 

March 2014

Due to the extremely wet autumn and winter the skate park project ceased .  A temporary track way has been laid so the project can re-start.  The skate park should be complete within four weeks.  

Sharon Wetherall

Clerk to Metheringham Parish Council  

Please see details below for the skate park blog ..........


Unfortunately work to install the skate park on the recreation field has been delayed it will now begin on Monday 16th September.  Access to the site will be via Princess Margaret Avenue.  It is expected the installation will last for four weeks.  However this timescale may be dependent on the weather conditions.

We would like to thank you for your help and co-operation during this time.  We hope this will not cause you any inconvenience.

Sharon Wetherall

Clerk to Metheringham Parish Council

0800 6343307

At the 2012 Annual Village Meeting a group of youngsters gave a presentation outlining their enthusiasm for the creation of a Skatepark.  Whilst support at that meeting was overwhelming, evidence was needed to prove that the community really did want such a facility.  By late October over 800 signatures had been gathered from within the Metheringham Ward which was then used as the basis for a grant application to fund the major work.  Just before Christmas, Waste Environmental Limited (WREN) announced that they had awarded us £50,000 for the construction of the skatepark.  Funding applications for peripheral equipment, including benches, bins and signs have not, as yet, been so successful.  However, throughout the year fundraising activities have been undertaken including running stalls at the Jubilee celebrations, the Feast, Christmas Market and, most recently, a pamper evening.  The money raised has been supplemented by the generosity of some individuals and groups including the organisers of the Metheringham Vegetable Show, New Life Metheringham and MACLA.  Our thanks go to all who have helped in this project which should come to fruition in June when work is expected to be completed on the building of the Skatepark ramps.  Although it may be missing the finishing touches we will use the money raised so far to create the best facility that we can, while we continue to fund raise and seek grants until the park is fully completed.